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Sunday, January 23, 2022


Even if you are unable to foster an animal in your home, we are always looking for people to assist in transport, fundraising, to promote the rescue, technical support, organize events, and any number of other things that you can come up with to allow us to continue our efforts. We're always looking for fundraising ideas

If you have a girl/boy scout troop needing to earn badges.  Let us know!  They can go around to homes and gather donations or they can recycle cans and donate the money to us.  They can also gather used printer cartridges. We have also heard 4-H can help also. 

If you are doing obedience classes, instead of "borrowing" a neighbors dog, "borrow" a RESCUE dog.  Many of our dogs need the obedience training or even agility training. This will not only benefit you, it will benefit the dog and help the dog to become more "desirable" to an adoptive family.  There are MANY ways they can help.  If interested, give us a call!  651-407-0072

Let other people know about our organization, especially if they are wishing to adopt or foster a pet! If you know of a classroom who would like to meet one of our animals and come to talk to the classroom on how the organization works and how we find them new homes, give us a call, we would GLADLY come and speak to your classroom.Also, inform people about why it is crucial to spay/neuter all pets. There are thousands of cats and dogs in Minnesota alone that are euthanized each year because no one has room for them.  You may also go to: http://www.petsandanimals.org and sign the petition. Print it off and give to family, friends and co-workers. Working together this is possible to get a free spay/neuter program in every state and county!  Remember ADOPT DON'T SHOP!

We are always looking for new ways to raise money or receive donations. We have an annual garage sale every summer and need donations of clothes, furniture, household items, etc. in good condition to help raise money for our animals! If you would like to donate, please call and leave a message on our hotline: 651-407-0072



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