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Monday, November 29, 2021

update on Schlager, renamed Sumo -- a husky/shar pei x.   He's attending Puppy Kindergarten classes and is doing very well.  He is playing well with everybody.  He's almost 33 lbs!

I'm not sure if you remember little miss Molly - I adopted her from
Pleading Paws almost 2 years ago.   She is such a little sweetie - she
loves going for walks and I feel very loved when I get home from work every
day.    She is great with kids - I have a lot of little ones in my extended
family and they all love her.   She barks like crazy when anyone comes to
the door but that's ok too.

Just wanted you to know that she is doing well - I think she is happy in
her adoptive home.

Here is a picture of her with my sisters grandson.

 This is Chester.   He is now named Loki. Here's an update on how he is doing. He finished puppy training two weeks ago and starts basic
obedience on Monday. :-) Just finished his last round of vaccinations -
and I was able to get him his Minneapolis license and Off Leash park
permit last week! He was able to go for one night of freedom before his
big day at the vet -  we had him fixed a week ago yesterday - and I
think the stitches are pretty much dissolved. I was so upset to take him
He is a great puppy.... 34 pounds. ;-)
The Vet thinks is he the most handsome puppy he's seen - and
approximates Lokie will be between 70 and 75 pounds.
My mom told me I was blessed - because she's never met a puppy like him.
He turns heads no matter where he goes....
People always say  OHH chocolate lab! Then they look again and go....
Ohhhh what is he?
HAHAHAHA! Then the say - Mastiff?? He's going to be a horse! And I have
to explain that he really won't be too big - and he's gentle as a giant.
The girls at the vet said they were keeping him for a couple of
days...and they couldn't help but coddle him.
The vet said he would borrow him for  16 years then give him back.
He gets into mischief - but he's very willing to please and be loved...
We still need to watch him constantly because he will go in the house -
if he's playing and too excited -
But for the most part - he walks to the door when he needs to go.

Hello Monica  As I type this, Libby is at my feet under the keyboard, she
raises her head pushing the keyboard back so I can scratch her neck. She is
my constant companion through out the day, riding with me wherever I go and
sleeping with Renee and I every night. I have been out of town to Wisconsin
for treatments a couple of times and when I'm gone she divides her time
between Karen and Renee. The house is scattered with her toys and she has
become an indispensable part of our lives.She continues to make us laugh
every day with her personality, and just had her spring trip to the vet with
all systems in great order. We just were talking about you last week when
Renee was giving me grief on how I have spoiled this dog. I looked at Libby
and told her she was so spoiled that I was going to have to return her to
Monica and get a fresh one that didn't smell spoiled.Renee said there was no
way you would take back this dog as I had ruined her and no one else could
put up with her anymore.Two minuets later Libby is stretched out next to
Renee in bed getting her belly rubbed, now tell me who has spoiled the
dog.Friends who have seen me around town have said they weren't sure it was
my truck until they saw the white dog setting in the front seat going down
the road,then they knew it was me. Both of my brothers have said they wish
they had a dog just like her.I still feel fine and the treatment program at
the University of Wisc. is going well but we won't know any results for 6-8
weeks yet. So I keep busy every day and refuse to let this %#$$& disease
ruin my life. I thank you, Pleading Paws, and God that I have Libby as my
buddy, as she keeps me on my toes and is such a good friend to me. I am so
glad to hear from you and please keep in touch----- Denny--  Renee--
Karen --David--and Libby 



Hi Monica,
Good to hear from you.  Windsor has been doing very well!  I haven't sent a picture lately...not since Christmas I really haven't taken a lot.  Sometime soon I will send you a pic.  It was a year already on Jan 29th that I brought him home.  In a way it seems like a year has flown by...on the other hand it doesn't seem like I've only had him since then.



Sunny has found his forever family!!! I've had him since the beginning of February with no calls on him and last week, within 24 hours, two families called on him. It is very interesting the way Sunny acted that morning with the first family. We met at a dog park that had two other men there and Sunny was all over them, but he wanted absolutely nothing to do with the guy of the family that wanted to adopt him. He played with their dog and chased it all around, but as soon as he would get near to the guy and the guy would reach out to pet him, Sunny ducked and was gone. I actually had to grab his collar and bring him over, but he just didn't want to be there. The family said they would think about. The guy was the one that wanted Sunny. When I saw the initial meeting with Sunny and the next family, he was the Sunny I knew and was all over the guy and I knew that it was a perfect match! Ironcally, the first family called me back later that afternoon and wanted Sunny! People often ask me about fostering and how I can give up the dogs but I reply to them that when the foster dog finally finds the perfect family for his forever home, it is all worth it. This is the email from the family: We are going to keep his name Sunny we like it, it seems to fit him. He is doing pretty well. He really seems to like his new house and yard. He has a little anxiety. If you get up and leave the room he is on you and follows you every where. My kids love him and he seems to love them. We have an appointment for him at the vet on Wednesday. They said they would give him a free exam even though they were not on the list. We think we were meant to find each other. I will keep you updated. Thanks again. All's well that ends well! My house is extremely quiet now and I don't know what to do! Molly is beside herself with grief! She's anxious and whining and pouting and…bored! My cats, on the other hand, are quite the happy little ones!


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