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Monday, November 29, 2021

http://www.thetruckersreport.com/traveling-by-car-or-truck-with-pets/ A big THANK-YOU to Mia who sent us this link to inform people about traveling with their pets. A family vacation can now be a vacation where the whole family can go on!

http://www.avidmicrochip.com/aboutus.htm a microchipping company

http://www.elkriverk9.com  Dog obedience, therapy, agility, rally. 

http://www.doguestyle.com dog obedience

http://www.retrieversetc.com dog obedience

http://www.blackpearldogs.com  for some reason big black dogs have are harder time finding homes 

http://www.cofc.edu/~huntc/service.html  A link about therapy dogs.   It is quite interesting and a VERY rewarding way to help volunteer with your dog. :)  Sometimes even cats or other animals can become therapy animals.


http://www.breakawaycollar.com/  This is a site about break away collars.  This is so nice to have because dogs can get stuck and some have strangled on their own collars.   Check it out...you can even  buy from this site.

http://www.peteducation.com/  This is by Drs. Foster an Smith.

http://www.canismajor.com/dog/kidsdog2.html  Dogs and kids....a nice little article.


*Please note that this service is intended for use by persons with limited financial resources. In an effort to maximize the number of low- and limited- income SPAY/USA users, we request that you register with SPAY/USA only if you cannot afford the standard spay/neuter fees.

http://community-2.webtv.net/zuzu22/STOPDECLAWCOM/  should you or should you not declaw. PPPR doesn't believe you should declaw because we believe there are many other ways to "train" your cat from using their claws.  We feel this is a very inhumane act,  BUT this does not mean we will decline your adoption if you want your cat declawed.  We just want you to be aware of what declawing entails.  There is a new procedure using lazer and they say this is MUCH easier on the cat. Less painful and quicker recover time.


http://www.findinfo.com/petloss.htm  how to deal with the loss of your pet.

http://www.myvetonline.com/website/gvah/  This is for Golden Valley Animal Hospital.  These vets help us to help the animals. :)  THANKS Golden Valley!

http://www.hilltopanimalhospital.com/puppy%20chewing.htm  Have a puppy who is chewing, read this, maybe it can be of help.

http://www.ferretasylum.com/  Looking for a ferret?  I suggest you check this site out before doing so.  They may be cute but they are ALOT of work...take it from a ferret owner who knows!  They also do adoptions.  Great rescue!

http://www.centralbirdanimal.com  Dr. Jessica Levy.  Great woman and a vet who REALLY cares about the animals has joined with Dr. Jina Andrews who is also a WONDERFUL vet and cares a great deal about animals.  She is also a great avian(bird) vet.


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